Best Mother-Daughter Activities for Spring Break

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Spring break 2021 should not only be a holiday from school for your daughter but a respite from all of her electronic gadgets such as cell phone, laptops, TV and video games. It provides an opportunity for you to reconnect with her face to face and to create some memories together. I will be bonding with my daughter, who is home from college this week, when she takes me to the hospital for a myelogram. Since that activity isn’t required for or appealing to most people, I’ve compiled a list of activities for mothers and daughters during spring break that are far more entertaining and less painful. Like skating together using matching pairs from

Paint a Keepsake

Ceramic shops where you can purchase a plate, cup, picture frame, figurine or tile to paint have popped up everywhere. Chances are, shops such as Manic Ceramic or Paint Your Plate exist in your community. They provide paint, brushes, stencils and instructions to help you create a beautiful piece. When finished, you leave your keepsake there and they will glaze and fire it for you. It will be ready for you to pick up in seven days or less. Most ceramic studios will take reservations for both kid and adult parties.

Dabble in Mosaics

If painting isn’t your thing, you could try taking a mosaics tile class. BonTon Studio in Golden Valley, MN offers classes in the evenings and on Saturday and Sunday. Just imagine how much fun you’ll have with your daughter creating a frame or tile with mosaics, stained glass, or bits and pieces from home. Working with mosaics is appropriate for all ages.

See a Special Exhibit

Is there a traveling exhibit in your area that is a must-see? Diana A Celebration is currently housed on the 4th floor of the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. It is a collection of nine galleries, 150 objects, 28 designer dresses, a wedding gown, jewels and more celebrating the life of Diana, Princess of Wales. Tickets can be purchased at the box office or at Adult tickets are $21.50 and tickets for Children (12 and under) are $13.50. See the website for exhibit times.

Get Pampered Together

What girl doesn’t like a manicure or pedicure? My teenage daughters love to get mani-pedis with mom. It’s relaxing, fun and you look and feel great afterwards. Whatever you plan, have fun with your daughter! To have more money for pampering moment, you could always consider playing 먹튀 online.