Best Android Games Now Available That You Need To Know

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Gaming on cell phones has improved at a much higher pace than any previous technology. Every year, Android games seem to hit new levels. We see more Premium mobile releases that challenge what mobile devices can do, and apps are even better and better. Even now, smartphone has very wonderful titles, to be honest. The best Android games are available right now without any further wait. They are the best of the best such that the ranking does not rotate so many times because there is anything outstanding. Furthermore, the above video displays the best Android games in 2020.

Duty call:

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Duty Call: Mobile has been our choice in 2019 for Android’s best game. We usually wait some time before adding a game, but Call of Duty: Mobile is very much appreciated and we added it faster than normal. Both include a standard online FPS PvP mode and a royal battle with 100 players. This is part of a rare group for royal combat such as PUBG Mobile and standard FPS PvPs such as Critical Ops or Moderne Combat. Amazing things ought to be done. It is a gaming that is free to play, but most buy-in are beauty products.


Price: $9.99:
Launched in 2019, GRID Autosport became one of Android’s best racing games. The Riptide GP and Asphalt franchises are still pretty decent but almost all check points are reached by GRID Autosport. It’s a premium title with no ads and no in-app purchases. The game also offers great graphics, good controls, support for hardware controllers, lots of playable content, tonnes of cars and various styles for racing. The game is a little pricey and it’s lacking some little things racing fanatics seem to enjoy, but it’s otherwise one of the best driving experiences in the Play Store. The lack of notifications is our only real issue.


Price: 4.99 dollars.
is a puzzle platforming adventure game. This is one of those you know is good when you just look at it. The game goes for the traumatic encounter in her life of Gris, a young woman trapped in her own world. It has nothing like death for the player or that. You just discover the world, solve puzzles and enjoy them. The game has almost no text and instead prefers to tell its storey using visual elements. It’s a sophisticated game, but one of its finest.

Runeterra’s Legends

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The Runeterra legends is one of this list’s newer Android games. It’s an online fighting man like Hearthstone in gaming. Cards and heroes are collected and then decks are generated by the cards and heroes. Then you battle the adversaries online. The game eliminates the randomness as far as possible which contributes to a positive overall play experience. 24 champions and a group of cards are part of the challenge, and you may ask friends to duel with you. Hearthstone has long provided this list, but in this area it is time for a new champion.