Asheville with Kids: Kid Friendly Attractions in Asheville, NC

A group of people standing in front of a mountain

There are many attractions in the Asheville area that are fun for both kids and adults.

Asheville’s Health Adventure with Kids

The Health Adventure is a unique take on the traditional children’s museum. This museum, founded by a local medical society, has a focus on health and fitness. If you’re visiting Asheville with kids, this is a must-see. Some highlights are the crawl-in blood vessel and the traveling exhibit area upstairs, which regularly changes. Another nice thing about the Health Adventure is it is located at Pack Place, which also features the Asheville Art Museum, YMI Cultural Center and the Colburn Earth Science Museum. And after a fun day of excursions, you could then unwind play your favorite sports betting games via UFABET.

WNC Nature Center with Kids

The WNC Nature Center is another top spot for kids. The name doesn’t really capture it because the nature center is a bit of a combination of nature center (in the woods, with trails, and with native plantlife) and nature preserve (you can find wolves, a cougar, turtles, foxes, bears and deer) and a petting zoo (with lambs, goats, chicken and mules).

Biltmore with Kids

Biltmore is much more than the large Biltmore House, America’s largest home. Many kids will still enjoy walking through the house, but keep a faster pace so they don’t get bored. With smaller children or short-attention-span kids, consider just doing the first floor. What the kids will go nuts for, however, is River Bend Farm and the petting zoo at its Farmyard. There are often fun activities for the kids, such as crafts. They can play old-fashioned games in the grassy area. There is also a creamery there selling ice cream. At the Farmyard, they can get up close and pet a variety of farm animals.

North Carolina Arboretum with Kids

This attraction doesn’t always end up on kid-friendly lists, but it really should. They have some wonderful programs for children even down to toddler age to explore nature. There are trails ranging from easy enough to early walkers to difficult, and the bonsai garden is a stroller-friendly, small-child-walking friendly area where you can see dozens of examples of these stunning plants. Kids love to come see the “baby trees.” There are also rotating exhibits that are typically fun for kids. It’s also a bargain price at just $6 for a whole family (so long as you fit in one car), or entry is free on Tuesdays. If you want to extend the budget flower viewing, also hit the Botanical Gardens at UNC nearby, which is free.

Chimney Rock Park with Kids

Chimney Rock Park is an amazing experience with kids. Little ones still in strollers can ride up the elevator to get a splendid view of mountains, lake and valley below. It’s unbelievable. Walking children can take the stairs up the chimney for an even more amazing view. Children, teens and adults can check out the climbing wall, or you can take rock climbing lessons there. There are also a variety of hiking trails.

Fun Depot with Kids

When the kids really need to burn some energy, Fun Depot is a great place to stop. It features everything from a slide and soft play area for little kids to arcade games and bumper cars for children to miniature golf, laser tag and batting cages for older kids.

Asheville might be well known as a destination to experience art, fine food and the outdoors, but there are also many fun activities for kids and whole families to enjoy.