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5 Precautions to Take to Prevent Baby Injuries


I remember when my daughter started climbing. At 18 months, she could climb out of her pack n’ play and crib. Then, she learned how to put her foot in a groove under the dishwasher and climb onto the kitchen counter. I couldn’t believe it. Now, not only did we have to secure all the cabinets, we had to make sure there wasn’t anything on the counter that was dangerous. My daughter’s climbing ability taught me that you can never fully baby-proof a home. However, there are some precautions one can take to prevent baby injuries.

Leaving Baby Unattended

My daughter means well. However, she thinks she can pick up her baby brother by herself. With two cats, two dogs and a preschooler, I know that my newborn son should never be left unattended. When we put him down for a nap, I make sure the monitor is on and all animals are out of the room. It takes only seconds for a baby to drown in the bathtub or take a tumble.

Putting Baby on a High Surface

I often hear of baby’s falling off of beds. You never know when a baby might learn to flip over and roll off of a couch or bed. Furthermore, make sure to have all of your supplies at your diaper changing table. Even if you walk a foot away from the changing table, your baby could take a dangerous fall.

Falling Asleep With Baby on a Soft Surface

Sometimes, my baby looks so comfortable resting on a soft pillow. He could probably sleep there nicely. However, I figure why take the chance. Allowing a baby to sleep on a soft surface or with loose blankets makes your baby more susceptible to SIDS.

Keeping Hot and Poisonous Items out of Baby’s Reach

Since I had a climber, I quickly learned that coffee wasn’t safe on the counter. Furthermore, I’ve had friends whose babies have pulled small appliances down because the cord was near the edge of a counter. In addition, along with cleansers, vitamins and medications can also be lethal if ingested by little ones. We’ve started keeping most of these items at the top of a linen closet or in the garage. We typically use plant based hand soaps and cleansers in the house.

Babies (and young children) are accident prone and curious. These tips have helped me keep my kids from serious injuries. I expect my kids to have the occasional bump or bruise. Yet, following these tips have helped me keep them from serious injury.